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Executive Profiles

  • joe_v2

    Joe Thomson

    Joe Thomson [founder of Pacer Financial] co-founded PLANCO in 1977, which grew to be one of the largest independent wholesale distributors of financial products in North America. PLANCO brought in billions of dollars in annual sales of annuities, mutual funds, and insurance during Joe's tenure. In 1998, PLANCO became so successful it was acquired by one of its largest partners, Hartford Life Insurance Company. Joe continued as president through August 2001.

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  • sean_v2

    Sean O’Hara

    Sean O'Hara joined PLANCO in 1985. Sean spent 22 years with PLANCO/Hartford where he performed various roles including wholesaler, divisional manager, and managing director of the national wholesaler team. In his time as managing director, PLANCO sales grew on an annual basis from $14 billion per year to over $30 billion per year.

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  • bruce_v2

    Bruce Kavanaugh

    Bruce joined the firm when Pacer Financial began operations in 2004 and played an integral role in building Pacer’s infrastructure and assembling a distribution and marketing operation.

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  • ashlee_v2

    Ashlee Thomson

    Ashlee joined Pacer Financial in July 2007 and is responsible for all marketing and communications activities in the firm as well as general operations.

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  • pe_thumb_v1

    Phil Eichinger

    Phil joined Pacer Financial in May 2017. He has over 28 years of experience in financial services distribution and sales and in joining Pacer has returned to the team with which his career started at PLANCO.

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  • kthomson

    Kimberly Thomson

    Kimberly joined Pacer Financial in April 2007. She has over 10 years of experience in the financial services industry. Kimberly’s background is in marketing, distribution, and sales.

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