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A Letter from Our President


Pacer Financial is a young company with deep roots. I founded the company in 2004 based on the same core business model as two financial service companies that had an impact on me early in my career.

My first job in financial services was with FIAC (First Investment Annuity Company). They were one of the first companies to go outside of insurance agencies and develop business in the alternative space. They were also one of the first to issue an investment annuity which provided tax deferral to any investment placed within it. However, my career with FIAC was short-lived – fortunately.

After being laid off by FIAC, a colleague and I co-founded PLANCO in 1977. PLANCO focused on offering wealth accumulation products to investors. PLANCO grew to become one of the largest and most successful independent financial wholesaling companies in the nation with over $200 billion in sales across annuities, mutual funds and 401k plans. We sold PLANCO to the Hartford in 1998 and I continued to serve as president until 2001.

But I wasn’t ready to move on just yet. I grew up alongside the baby boomer generation and believe this market still needs help meeting their financial goals in retirement. That is why I founded Pacer Financial in 2004.

Pacer Financial is an independent national wholesaling company. We partner with companies that need help distributing their products to financial advisors. Our position in the distribution network gives us the unique ability to influence the type of investment strategies that come to market. In turn, we are able to arm financial advisors with strategies that grow their businesses by actually addressing their clients’ needs.

Whether working with a distribution partner or a financial advisor, Pacer Financial does well when our partners do well. That is why we take the business of being a national wholesaling company so seriously. The leadership at Pacer Financial does not believe in loading up our wholesalers with tons of products. We choose distribution partners with innovative strategies that address goals like long-term growth, downside protection and taxes.

Since 2008, the Pacer Financial team has successfully raised over $3.5 billion for our distribution partners. As the markets continue to evolve, we aim to continue to build meaningful partnerships that allow us to provide investment strategies and ideas that address the needs of today’s investors.



Joe M. Thomson CFP, CLU, ChFC, CMFC
President and Founder
Pacer Financial, Inc.