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Our Capabilities


External sales team

  • Experienced and licensed professionals located across the country
  • Over 20,000 meetings held with over 50,000 financial advisors in the past year
  • Personalized support to advisors through branch meetings, one-on-one meetings, office walkthroughs and client seminars
  • Client solutions offer not just products, but strategies to help advisors address individual client needs and goals
  • Weekly meetings to discuss successes in the field and how additional advisor partnerships can be created

Internal sales team

  • Sales consultants in the home office
  • Over 220,000 outbound calls with over 27,000 packages sent to financial advisors in the past year
  • Prospecting, building brand awareness, and compiling database intelligence
  • Schedule/follow-up related to external office visits
  • Weekly meetings to discuss successes and how additional advisor partnerships can be created
  • Toastmasters International- all internal sales employees participate to refine their public speaking skills

Marketing team

  • Consists of writers, project coordinators and graphic design professionals
  • Create edgy, interesting campaigns that will stick in financial advisors minds
  • Development of emails, direct mail, core collateral, webinars, websites and multimedia
  • Ability to change direction and focus quickly as markets and industries change
  • Licensed professionals in constant communication with sales team to keep our focus on what is important to the financial advisor and their clients


  • 500,000 person database of investment professionals in the home office
  • Thousands of financial advisors emailed best client ideas and product information weekly
  • Monthly webinars and conference calls
  • Mailers strategically sent to largest producers daily