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Financial Advisors


Headquartered in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pacer Financial has extensive reach all over the country with a licensed and experienced wholesaling team. We provide the necessary support for financial advisors to grow and succeed in their professional careers while forming long lasting relationships.


Ability to address your clients needs

Pacer Financial offers innovative strategies that address wealth accumulation and distribution, downside protection, income needs and taxes. We train our wholesalers to understand a financial advisor’s business. They take pride in knowing what is going on in the world, in the markets and in a financial advisor’s client meetings. This allows our team to come prepared with timely ideas that make a financial advisor’s job easier.

Build partnerships

Pacer Financial works with financial advisors to connect them with some of the most innovative investment ideas in today’s market. Our position in the distribution network (between the product manufacturer and financial advisors) gives us the unique ability to influence the type of investment strategies that come to market. We count on you to tell us what your client’s need and we work with product manufacturers who can address those needs.

Help you grow your business

Our mission is to help you maintain and grow your client base. The types of products we offer help investors to preserve their capital, build wealth, and provide income. We provide extensive industry knowledge across multiple investment solutions such as annuities, mutual funds, separately managed accounts, hedge funds, and exchange traded products.