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Mission & Culture


Our Mission

Pacer Financial’s mission is to use our experience and position in the financial services network to grow the businesses of our distribution partners and financial advisors. Pacer Financial does this by working with our distribution partners to bring products and ideas to financial advisors that address the challenges of the current market and meet the needs of investors.

Pacer Financial is selective in our collaborations with distribution partners – only choosing a small group of partners with diverse and innovative strategies that address wealth accumulation and distribution, downside protection and taxes. Pacer Financial only works through retail broker-dealers and registered investment advisors. We do not work with the public directly.


Entrepreneurial Culture

The Pacer Financial team understands the importance of trust, credibility and execution, especially in our industry. In this business of relationships, it is as important to us as it is to you to respond to the market, your clients and you.

In a conservative industry, we are only limited by our imaginations. We strive to create marketing material and campaigns that are clever, funny, and sticky, while maintaining brand integrity and compliance standards. We promote an open environment where initiative and sharing ideas is encouraged.

Markets move fast—so do we. Because our staff of 50+ isn’t bound by traditional corporate hierarchies, we aren’t bogged down by layers of approval as in many companies. Translation: We change directions as quickly and often as we need.